"Parma Eldaliéva" is a series of manuscript art books. All of them are done in original calligraphic scripts and graphic styles devised by Elmenel especially for this project.
Calligraphic Tengwar Art Books
Inspired by & Dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien's Literary Legacy

The World's First Books in Tengwar

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Parma Eldaliéva ("Book of the Elves") is my ongoing art project started in 2009. It is based on my idea of transforming into works of art featuring my originally developed Elven calligraphy a selection of artistic 'Elven transliterations' inspired by J.R.R.Tolkien's works. The first "Parma Eldaliéva", now complete, is an original calligraphic work of art transforming an artistic transliteration of "The Hobbit" and consitutes a 554-page folio volume (in original), and a 564 page bound art book in its printed version. I printed its first volumes in 2016 & 2017 with the title "Tengwarin" (information & photos in News).

Currently I am focusing on the next "Parma Eldaliéva" art books and especially on II, III and IV. The project's core includes seven original calligraphic art volumes, and also maps (all 7 of them are ready both in original and in printed versions) as well as other artworks (for example those included in my Yén 15, Loa 1 art calendar). My art is supported through donations on this site (the PayPal button below) and on Patreon - you are most welcome to subscribe and follow & support the creative process. Even the smallest contribution matters.


My deepest gratitude to all who contribute!

The "Parma Eldaliéva" art manuscripts offer a unique and tangible multilevel experience of Elvendom, the stories that inspired them and their atmosphere. They are harmonious in shape, way of making, and purpose to Tolkien's ideals and views in relation to careful and heartfelt storytelling, artistry and craftsmanship, machine-independence, mastery of personal creative skills and their respectful usage for good and worthy purposes. I see those ideals and views as entwined with the very reasons for the creation, with the existence and purpose of Elven culture and Tengwar themselves. They are also tremendously important for me as a (sub-)creative human being, a person and artist. "Parma Eldaliéva" is made to be harmonious with the spirit of Tolkien's stories and his great poem "Mythopoeia".

The "Parma Eldaliéva" volumes enable the audience to experience an unprecedented closeness to Elvendom and to see books/graphic storytelling from an extraordinary new perspective. I have been striving to create works of art that live in the real world, while bearing the spirit and 'heartbeat' of the world of the stories, and belonging to their visions and purpose. Through what might be called "written minstrelsy" the Parma Eldaliéva manuscripts create an inspired "telling-in-writing"/"portrayal" of the stories that is evocative of their telling in the Hall of Fire.

The art books offer a new perspective of the tales that have inspired them, one that feels closer to the world of the characters. They have an aura of authenticity that benefits the appreciation of their contents; offer a new level of tangibility and a novel, closer experience of the associated cultures and civilizations. They also strive to enable a better perception of essential lessons and creative values celebrated by Tolkien's works in an aesthetical (through shapes/forms), ethical (through the way those shapes/forms are made, the machine-independent artistry employed for their creation), and moral way (through the very choice of the contents for which the skill and means of expression are used and the purpose of the whole).

Tolkien's works champion heartfelt and unique expression through uttered or written words and letters, through an individual's innate artistry and craftsmanship. They celebrate the machine-independent original creativity, artistic skills and power of imaginative expression that are a human being's birthright, the joy and value of the mastery of those skills and their usage for good and worthy purposes. Much as Elven culture in general, I see Tengwar, their history, cultural background and purpose, the way they are meant to be used, as a symbol of those machine-independent creativity, art, talents, wisdom, beauty and development. I felt irresistibly compelled to try to better through my art the awareness towards those extremely important, yet nowadays sadly overlooked aspects of Tolkien's works - even as they are an essential part of their foundation, of their very 'heartbeat', they seem to remain regrettably neglected or unseen nowadays. I hope my work will contribute to heightening the sensitivity and awareness towards something so innately human, intimate, life-confirming and spiritual as personal machine-independent creative development and in calligraphed expression; for raising the awareness of the value, joy, pleasure and importance of technology-independent creativity, experience and skills, and of artwork made through such intrinsic abilities.

Ever since its beginning this project has been my personal and professional top priority. In addition to doing the work on it, I have been supporting it by myself - and now through my Patreon campaign and through donations on this site. My heartfelt gratitude to my wonderful supporters!

I hope those who love J.R.R.Tolkien's works and cherish good storytelling and Art will welcome my work!

May 3rd, 2019

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My deepest gratitude to all who contribute!