1. To create the first books in Tengwar in a way that is harmonious with and faithful to the spirit, wisdom, and beauty of J.R.R.Tolkien's works. Parma Eldaliéva gives life and body to Tengwarin calligraphy in the real world, and thus also to the ideas, cultures and aesthetics, related to it and cherished by me.

2. To provide the audience with a unique experience of the atmosphere of the Elven culture and the exquisite beauty of hand-drawn Tengwar. To produce a harmonious work of art, which combines and fairly represents the storytelling genius of Tolkien and the values in art and craftsmanship he stood for and championed by way of his works. To celebrate the Arts of Storytelling and Calligraphy. To make the scripts and to apply them in complete harmony with Tengwar, the people behind them, and their inner, unique "logic" and "heartbeat" without copying, mimicking or following samples, styles or scripts from the human history, alphabets and traditions.

3. To entice the audience into appreciating/seeing the stories that inspired me from a different and unique perspective that is, in a way, closer to the one of a person from their world. To increase even further the number of people interested in the original works of J.R.R.Tolkien and to turn the attention of the fans of the film adaptations and/or a limited number of Tolkien books toward the author's greatly valuable original/other works. My motivation for doing so includes my belief that those works inspire great thirst for positive personal creative development, development of innate and independent individual talents and skills, as well as teach invaluable lessons of morality and responsibility in creative development and actions.

4. To create works of art that are both intellectually stimulating and enjoyable on multiple levels, that inspire appreciation for machine-independent creation and art, a thirst to discover, master and enjoy exercising one's own unique skills.


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