Design Notes

The books' original volumes are written by hand, as are books in the Elven culture. Thus they strive to be as close to being authentic as possible, to reflect its atmosphere, and also to be true to basic ideas, aesthetic views and concepts of Tolkien. (For example his views about mechanical reproduction vs. handicraft, personal touch and inspired art; his attention to detail and its enormous impact and importance, especially when languages and letters involved.) Calligraphy reflects J.R.R.Tolkien's and also my great love for letters and scripts, and also the ideals for beauty, uniqueness, and mastery in art and craft that back the creation and purpose of Tengwar themselves. It shows the exquisite beauty of Tengwar and creates the appropriate 'cultural atmosphere' for reading a text written in them. It also enables multiple combinations with letters' variations (words being rendered case by case), which permits the system to function graphically to the fullest. It breathes life into the text, giving every word unique power and expression. The illumination used matches the calligraphy and adds one more dimension to the layout. The calligraphic and graphics' styles are deliberately devised for this project, with great respect for Tolkien's artistic and aesthetic ideas. The books are original works of art striving to complement Tolkien's ideas and concepts, without copying medieval and other historical manuscript styles, samples and art.

The "Parma Eldaliéva" series offers a variety of scripts and illumination styles. Each book presents something different, but all of them are unified by a sense of a 'single culture'. Some feature mixtures of various scripts and layouts, their usage depending on the story/timeline/culture/purpose of the texts. In that way the manuscripts are maximally true to Tolkien's storytelling and also keep a befitting emotional, cultural and aesthetic diversity. The first "Parma Eldaliéva" features a relatively (compared to other volumes in the series) low level of complexity of the orthographic mode and a relatively unchanging script throughout the book that suits the unbroken timeline and one-character centered story. In it I have adhered to a relatively uncomplicated hand. Thus it provides not only a work of art the audience may take pleasure in contemplating, but also an exciting challenge and an intellectual game for its members.


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